AT&T U-verse Pace Plc 5268AC bridge mode (with caveat)

Steps to enable bridge mode on Pace Plc 5268AC (tested with software version Bridge mode is needed to use your own router (but it still needs to be plugged into the 5268AC). Here is the caveat: ipsec (site-to-site VPN) will not work. AT&T blocks it, so you have to upgrade to business class service to get it unblocked. This instruction is aimed for regular U-verse service w/o static IP/block. If you have a static block, you should use the Cascaded Router feature.

  1. Access your AT&T provided device at (Can’t access? May be your router’s LAN address is already, if so change it first)
  2. Go to Settings -> LAN -> LAN IP Address Allocation
  3. On the device list, locate your router by verifying it’s ip address against WAN address on the router.
  4. Change the settings as follows
    • Firewall: Disabled
    • Address Assignment: Public (Select WAN IP Mapping)
    • WAN IP Mapping: Router WAN IP Address (default)
  5. Click save, you should get a configuration successful message, and Device Status should change to DHCP renewal.
  6. On your router, do a dhcp renewal or unplug/replug cable to the AT&T device.
  7. Your router should now have a public IP address. You can still access the AT&T device at