Dovo: DICOM CD importer

2015-04-24 05_50_53-dovo


Point of care, cross-platform software for importing DICOM CD and files then sending it to PACS. Usage scenario is front desk staff getting handed a CD with patient’s images. This tool allows the front desk to preview the images, and send to PACS. Tested on Windows and OS X.
  • Supports Group Policy for PACS destinations on Windows.
  • Supports Windows Vista and above including Windows 10
  • Supported on OS X
  • Works on Linux
  • Supports Unicode file and path.
  • Image preview
  • No dll’s need to be distributed.
  • Native, no Java required.


Windows | Windows (MSI Installer) | Mac | Linux (compile from source) Windows Group Policy Templates Sample DICOM images

Source Code